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Instant Authentication authentication

With Instant Authentication Service, you are getting an instant authentication result in just 1 business hour (*upon receiving all required photos and information)!
Please follow the steps below to order an authentication service from us!

1. Purchase an authentication service ($15 USD/per item)


If you have multi items to be authenticated, please purchase authentication service for each item separately
Brands that we currently authenticate are:
Hermes      Chanel     Louis Vuitton

Purchase authentication service HERE 

(You are welcome to pay with credit card or Paypal)

2. Send your information and photos via email

Email Subject: Authentication Request-(Item Name)-(Your Full Name)

Information that we need is:

a) Your Full Name
b) Phone Number
(If you would like to receive result via text, please leave your phone number)
c) Email Address
d) Date Code (if any)
e) Name of Item
f) Photos
(Please put all of the photos in one GoogleDrive link or Dropbox link, do not attach them in the email)

 3. Receive your Instant Authentication Result

Once we receive all of your photos and information, we will email you or text you your authentication result in just 1 hour during our business hours!
(Result time may delay if you do not respond to our addition photos/information request)
Our business hours are 
Monday - Friday 11am-6pm EST 
For all Authentication Requests submitted during our business hours, we will respond you as soon as possible!
Please note that we do not provide a certificate of authentication. We will only provide a result of authentication through email or text message.

The result is only for acknowledging the authenticity of an item to our customer who owns or intends to purchase an item.

The result of authentication cannot be use as a dispute or claim of any kinds in any ways.
If you have any questions or concerns about our authentication services, please contact us at  
Terms and Conditions for Instant Authentication