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Instant Authentication

Instant Authentication


Required Photos:

Front, Back, Bottom, and Sides
Date Code/Serial Code
Trademark stamps and Embossing
Lining, Hardware, Zipper Pull
Logo, Engraving, Stamp (for Jewelries)
Accessories (if any)
Add any photos you would like us to see
After you purchase the authentication request, you can click the image below to submit your information and photos to us:

  • There will be no refund in any kind for this service purchase. You understand that the result may not be the result you wish for and you agree that purchasing a service product is non-refundable purchase.

  • Please make sure that you can obtain additional Information or photos if this is an item that you are intend to purchase.

  • We do not take responsibility of a failure of an authentication service purchase due to the requester (you) who cannot provide required information or photos.
  • Please note that we do not provide a certificate of authentication. We will only provide a result of authentication through email or text message.

  • The result is only for acknowledging the authenticity of an item to our customer who owns or intends to purchase an item.
  • The result of authentication cannot be use as a dispute or claim of any kinds in any ways.


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