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How to authenticate

How to Request Authentication Request?

1. Purchase an authentication request and submit all information and photos HERE

2. Receive your authentication request within 1 business hour

Three luxury brands that we currently authenticate:

Hermes      Chanel     Louis Vuitton


Things to know before using our authentication service


1. Once we receive all of your photos and information, we will email you or text you your authentication result in just 1 hour during our business hours!

(Result time may delay if you do not respond to our addition photos/information request)


2. Please note that we do not provide a certificate of authentication. We will only provide a result of authentication through email.


3. The result is only for acknowledging the authenticity of an item to our customer who owns or intends to purchase an item. (Please make sure the seller is willing to work with you to provide all required photos).


4. The result of authentication cannot be use as a dispute or claim of any kinds in any ways.



5. We do not refund the instant authentication service fee because 

  • The seller you intend to purchase with does not willing to provide you additional photos.
  • You are unable to provide additional information or photos
  • The result is not what you thought it would be/you do not like the result
  • You no longer want the authentication service
  • We do not issue a certificate
  • You don't agree with our authentication result

    6. We will issue you a refund if our authentication experts are unable to authenticate your item. 

    7. An authentication result is the opinions given by NYC Fashion Revival LLC authenticators, based on their knowledge obtained from years of collecting, buying, selling, and studying designer luxury brands. Every effort is made to ensure opinions provided by NYC Fashion Revival LLC are accurate. 
    8.   NYC Fashion Revival LLC is not liable for any loss resulting from the opinions provided, and does not have control over the final decision rendered by the third party handling any disputed claim.
    If you have any questions or concerns about our authentication services, please contact us at  



    *Upon receiving all required photos and payment (Delay in providing additional photos will result in delaying for the authentication result). Only for request made during our office hours (Monday-Friday 11AM-6PM EST). Request made outside of our office hours will be processed the next business day.