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How To Sell

The item is authentic
It's on Accepted List In usable condition




Things to Know Before You Sell


1. About the Item you would like to sell to us

  • Please confirm the authenticity of an item. And if you would like to use our authentication, visit us at AUTHENTICATION.
  • Please confirm the item is located in U.S. 
  • For the conditions (We accept all conditions stated below)
    • New (New in box, with or without tag, some accessories such as dust bag or box must be included).
    • Like New/Pristine (Have been used for a few times, no visible signs of wear or very minimal wear)
    • Excellent (Have been used, minor signs of wear, minor wear and stains/marks)
    • Gently Used, Good/Very Good (Have been used regularly, with noticeable signs of wear but with no damage or defect). 
    • Well Used, Fair (Have been heavily used, with noticeable wear and maybe flaws/defects that are repairable
    • Unusable. (Have been heavily used with defects that are unrepairable - Unfortunately we are unable to accept items in this condition).

2. About the information submitted to us

  • Please make sure you include your full name, full mailing address, email address, name of the item (if known), condition of the item, and size of the item or measurements (if known) in the quote contact form below to ensure that we are able to contact you and give you an accurate quote.
  • Please make sure all of the information is valid because we will be sending checks to you at your mailing address.
  • We will not disclose any of your information. We highly value customer's privacy.

3. Payment Method

  • After we receive and authenticate your item, we will mail you a check. We will also provide you with a tracking number so that you can keep track of where your check is.

4. The process of selling to us

  • After you find the item name of the item you would like to sell on the Items We Accept list, you can submit for a quote using the Sell Now form.
  • After we receive your quote request, we will respond to your quote within 2 hours during our business hours OR the next business day if the form is submitted outside of our business hours
  • When we receive your item, we will notify you by email. We will then authenticate and check the condition of the item
    • If the item is authentic and matches your description, we will mail you a check (tracking number will be provided for the mailed check)
    • If you item is not authentic, we will notify you via email and send back the item at your cost (see RETURN details).
    • If the condition does not match your description, we will send you a re-quote OR ship your item back to you if the re-quote is not accepted at your cost (see RETURN details).